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  • "Arunodaya" Bunglow Plot No. 223, Opposite Jain Temple, Society No. 1, Morewadi, Ratnappa Kumbhar Nagar, Kolhapur.
  • Gangadham Phase 1, Building B2, 504, Bibwevadi Kondhwa Road, Next to Vardhamanpura Society, Near Market Yard, Pune 411037
About Us

Water, Sewage & Effluent Treatment & Recycle Plant Design Company

Swastik Consultants provides Design and Engineering consultancy services in water, wastewater, and effluent treatment. Tackling areas like Water treatment, Effluent treatment, Solid waste management, Environmental audits, and Wastewater treatment, we deal with these issues on an end-to-end basis. We also provide our clients with water engineering consultancy and related services.   

It goes without saying that our expertise-based consultancy increases your plant’s efficiency and makes it environment compliant. Our vast years of experience show a dedicated record of handling water, sewage, and effluent treatment plants with absolute precision and dedication.

Shailesh Savadi


Know About Our Expert Consultant

Expert Freelance Consultant in Design, Engineering of WTP, STP, ETP, Desalination plant & Solid Waste Management and Environmental Audits.

Educational Qualification

  • Master in Marketing Management (MMM) from TIMSER, Kandivali (E), Mumbai University in 2009 (First Class)
  • B.E. (Environmental) from KIT’s College of Engineering, Kolhapur, Shivaji University in 1995 (Distinction with 5th Rank in University)


• Certified ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor

• Certified ISO 14001:2015 Lead Auditor

• Certified ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor

EPC Expertise In

  • Provide Basic Engineering Design/ Estimation/commissioning
    • We develop a process design scheme as per the conditions that have been mentioned in the bid. Plus, we prepare an estimation of the treatment plant basis the process design and estimation of civil and mechanical jobs. We know how to optimize the project cost, all the while juggling within the design parameters set by the industry. Upon getting awarded the project, we managed the upgradation and modernization of the plant. We executed the design projects related to the reuse and recycling of the Wastewater treatment plant by adopting the RO system. We are skilled in the commissioning of sewage and effluent treatment plants, preparation of an operating manual, etc., and our team always gives priority to the project's best interests.
  • Provide Detailed Engineering Design
    • We create a detailed design and engineering for the treatment schemes of Sewage and high-purity water, Industrial effluents, and water for industrial use while adopting the latest and advanced technologies. Preparing a detailed engineering design and getting approval on it from the consultant, we give importance to value engineering and methodologies to manage the cost using process engineering.
  • Project Engineering Management
    • We associate with internal and external agencies, architects, consultants, and clients to discover the technical specifications and receive approvals to achieve streamlined execution of the projects. The team keeps the customer's interests in mind and obtains on-time clearances to hasten the work process.
    • Our work practices ensure an establishment of all the Quality standard procedures as per the standard practices required in the project.
    • We supervise and direct the operations and administrative functions of our department. Our work process entails planning goals, objectives, organizational structure, and the direction of goals related to strategic plans.
  • Operational & Maintenance (O&M) of STP/ETP/ CETP & recycle plant, Solid Waste Compost site.
    • All kinds of Treatment Plants
    • O&M expertise so that the Plant Manager can manage the work guidelines as per the scope of responsibility.
    • We adopt our technical expertise basically to upgrade the plant’s process performance.
    • We maintain and monitor any routine plant operation by organizing a daily meeting for the plant operation. We also keep the critical operation parameters in mind and compare the design specifications versus the actual ones. This helps us in finding out any critical problems or any issues that could impact the performance and find suggestions to find a resolution for the same.
    • In the case of a Common Effluent Treatment plant, it is crucial that we ensure that the effluents received from other industries at the receiving sump are as per the quality specifications mentioned. We maintain this recycled effluent quality and get the work moving flawlessly.
    • We conduct a daily rake-up meeting in the morning and a pack-up time meeting before we end the day. This helps decide the amount of work we need to finish that day and whether we have been able to reach that milestone.
    • It is important to manage the working manner with Government authorities like the Pollution Control board. We manage their visit to the plant and showcase optimum performance status.
    • We have the required communication skills that are needed to resolve any issues related to HSE. This includes problems like the use of PPE. Safety permits monitoring the flaws, if any, about safety as per the organization's protocols. Complying with the safety audits/ incidents is another aspect we pay full attention to. This has led to a fall in any failure from the HSE point of view.
    • Solid Waste Management
    • We monitor and segregate all the incoming municipal waste into categories like glass, metal, concrete blocks, organic waste, etc.
    • Disposing of all other waste except organic waste as per the authority’s guidelines.
    • The fresh organic waste needs to be buried in the compost bay. We do that and also change the position of the waste from the bottom to the top so that the top composted layer can be removed easily.
    • We supervise the written record of the organic waste weight and all the solid compost layers.

EPC Projects Executed By Us

  • Reliance Industries Ltd
    Project : Petrochemical Complex has Pure Terephthalic Acid (PTA) based Effluent Treatment & Reclamation Plant

    Reliance Industries Ltd

    Description : Asia’s largest & world’s first PTA-based ETP& recycle of its kind for the immediate end use of recycled effluent

    Headed Operation & Maintenance of TA Effluent Treatment plant [ETP] with ‘Treatment Scheme’ - Buffer Ponds to receive effluent. & Transfer in 3 modules with

  • SMS Envocare Ltd
    Project : Engineering of Common Effluent Treatment & Reclamation Plant

    Description : Amravati MIDC – India’s first CETP project of its kind with a ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) concept With Reverse Osmosis & Multi Effect Evaporator

    Client :Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), Amravati Project Cost: 11.98 million US $ Initiated & completed needful actions to become new entrants in National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) as well as in Maharashtra Agro-Industrial Development Corporation (MAIDC) Led Operation & Maintenance of:

    • Common Effluent Treatment Plant [CETP] of capacity 10,000 m3/day for Waluj MIDC, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, for breweries, textile & engineering industries

    • Common Effluent Treatment Plant (10,000 m3/day) for Butibori MIDC, Nagpur, Maharashtra, for pharmaceutical, textile & engineering industries

    • Landfill Plant of 14,60,000 MT for KMDA (Kolkata Metro Development Authority): Valley landfill using natural topography first of its kind in India. Reception, Segregation of metal, glass, concrete pieces, and plastic away from organic solid waste. Disposal of solid waste other than organic waste as per regulatory authority guidelines & disposal of organic solid waste into landfill with monitoring environmental parameters, leachate collection treatment (Composting, incineration) & disposal.

  • Kharafi National
    Project : Expansion of Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment & Reclamation Plant – World’s largest project of its kind.

    Description : This project dealt with the Up-gradation & modernization, and process design for the recycling & reuse of the Wastewater Treatment Plant by using RO as makeup water for the Cooling Tower

    Project Cost : 300 million US $

    Client : Kuwait Oil Company

    Capacity : To enhance capacity from 450 MLD to 600 MLD

  • Voltas Limited
    Project : Bank Note Paper Mill, Mysore Project (Effluent Treatment [MBBR system] & Recycle Plant [with UF& RO)

    Client : Bank Note Paper Mill India Private Limited Project

    Cost : US $ 3.83 Million

    Pulp : 504m3/day & Paper 3120 m3/day

    Project : Water System Facilities (Utilities) of Steel Melt Shop Tata Steel Limited Kalinganagar Project

    Client : Tata Steel Limited, Kalinganagar

    Project Cost : US $ 30.63 Million

    Capacity : DCW: 2880 m3/hr., ICW: 900 m3/hr.

    Project : Water System Facilities (Utilities) of Steel Melt Shop at Rourkela Steel Plant, Rourkela

    Client : Rourkela Steel Plant (Steel Authority of India Limited)

    Project Cost : US $18.38 Million

    Capacity : DCW: 3 x 560 m3/hr., 610m3/hr. 

  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited
    Project : UK Water Industry along with UK Water Companies and Tier 1 Firms for AMP5 Projects

    Client : Southern Water

  • Larsen & Toubro Limited
    Project : Sewage Treatment/recycle plant

    Description : Reuse as make-up water for the HVAC unit of the proposed renovation & expansion of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport for the new International Terminal at Sahara

    Client : Mumbai International Airport Limited, India

    Project Cost : US $ 1.53 Million

    Capacity : 10 MLD

  • Jacob Engineering Limited
    Project : Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

    Client : Chemplast Sanmar Limited, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu Project

    Cost: US $ 3.83 Million

    Capacity : 3200 m3/day

    Project : Revamping of existing Effluent Treatment Plant

    Client : M/s Rohm & Haas Limited, Taloja, Maharashtra

    Capacity : 450 m3/day

    Project : Reports of Risk Analysis, Environmental Audit, Safety Audit & Disaster Management Plan

    Client : M/s Micro Inks Ltd., at Vapi GIDCSix units

    Client : M/s Bilag Industry Pvt. Ltd., Pesticide manufacturing unit in North India.

  • Hindustan Dorr Oliver Limited
    As Marketing Engineer Project : First Textile Effluent Treatment cum Recycle Plant with RO at International Level

    Client : Golden Garment Ltd, Jordan,

    Project Cost : 0.20 million US $

    Capacity : 1440 m3/day

    Project : Textile Effluent Treatment cum Recycle Plant

    Client : Envoy Knitex, Bangladesh

    Project Cost : US $ 77,000

    Capacity : 400 m3/day

    Project : Breweries Effluent Treatment

    Client : Charminar Breweries Limited, Andhra Pradesh

    Capacity : 840 m3/day

    Project : Breweries Effluent Treatment

    Client : Malabar Breweries Limited, Kerala.

    Capacity : 380 m3/day

    As Process Engineer – Commissioning of below plants

    Project : Water Circulation System (For Steel Plant Utilities)

    Client : Jindal Vijaynagar Steel Limited, Bellary, Karnataka

    Capacity : 2400 m3/day

    Project : Paint Wash Effluent & Sewage Treatment cum Recycle Plant to recycle treated effluent immediately for end use in “Indica car” paint shop. Tertiary treatment was conventional one.

    Client : Tata Locomotive & Engineering Co. Limited, Pune

    Capacity : 3600 m3/day

Our Consultancy Expertise In

  • Project Management Consultancy
    • We handle the complete management of all kinds of projects. This involves conceptualization of the project and continuing to the final handover.
      • o We are at present working with a Sewage treatment plant of 10 MLD that is based on the SBR technology. The project was awarded to us after the completion of the technical bid of other bidders as well.
      • o We have also completed the technical bid for a bid of 93.5 MLD STP. This project is also based on SBR technology. The projects are from the Pune Municipal Corporation.
      • o The design and bid documents for a 5.5 MLD STP project based on MBBR technology have been approved.
    • We manage the overall planning, scheduling, budgeting, monitoring, and management of the projects to see that they are completed on the deadline, along with obeying the guidelines of cost, quality, and design.
  • Environmental Due Diligence, Risk Analysis audits & audit reports.
    • Planning of water and wastewater facilities along with recommendations of day-to-day work by environmental consultants and technicians and offering technical inputs on the environmental studies released.
    • Tackling the designing and receiving of the permit of the HSE compliance management systems. We use audits, diligent assessments, risk analysis studies, and Disaster management plans, and Environmental Audit reports to do so.
    • We are involved in the collection, compilation & report preparation of all baseline environmental data.
    • Conducting Data Collection for all Environmental audits. Followed by the Compilation of Collected Data.
    • We carry out Risk Assessment studies.
    • Continuous Supervision of the Engineers and Scientists.
    • Preparing all kinds of Technical Reports
  • ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management system), ISO 14001:2015(Environmental Management System) & ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management system) Audits, Review & Report preparation.
    • We plan the audits for QMS, EMS & OSHAS for both water and wastewater facilities. Also, we deal with a team of environmental consultants and monitoring technicians to get their review of the plant. Next, we work on eliminating the issues raised by them and offer technical inputs on environmental and safety reviews, quality management, and studies.
    • Our job also includes managing technical discussions with the Government, Clients, and other agencies.
    • We conducted full-fledged Surveillance audits for Metalyst Forging Ltd, located at Pune, for ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:20018
    • We also did the complete Recertification audits for Tata Project Ltd. This was for their Metro Project, starting from Garodiyanagar to Suryanagar. The project was based at Vikhroli, Mumbai & in the Majiwada area at Thane. We completed the audit for ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:20018.

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